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WhAT is IsolATed Pea ProteIN?

Peas (and therefore Isolated pea protein) belong to the legume family, specifically they are obtained from the Pisum sativum plant, especially the variety of green and yellow peas that is finally used as raw material when it comes to make the protein powder. Peas are naturally higher in protein (20-25%) than sweet peas (5-6%), making it easier (and less wasteful) to make a protein powder from something that is already pretty high in protein.

When we think of Isolated pea protein, a bowl full of peas may come to mind … But in reality it is not like that, but thanks to the processes of obtaining the protein, we will have a product with a high protein percentage, also loaded with important amino acids, such as bcaa’s.


BeiNg healthy is not AT odds with BeiNg yummy!



When we feel pain or we are ill we just want one thing: to feel well again, no matter what. This often includes the thought or most likely also the act of taking medication. Because we want to be better NOW. Once we are well we forget about how bad we felt or how much pain we had, we just continue with our daily life and probably some not so healthy habits.

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